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Established by sector pioneer TEPA in 2005 and started activities in its headquarters in Ankara. Since the beginning, Ortepa has been acting as the distributor of one of the leading companies of Germany, WALDEMARK LINK. Ortepa majors in orthopedics and traumatology and constituted sales and service organization with 20 employees in a short time. As of 2009 our company started expanding its product range in orthopedics surgery area by receiving the distribution rights from Königsee. ORTEPA Orthopaedic and Medical Products Industry and Trade Co. took place as a leader company in Turkey with KANGHUI products; combining the trust occured from customer satisfaction and dynamism,experience,quality continuity. Today ORTEPA Orthopaedic and Medical Products Industry and Trade Co. holds the leadership position at the very competitive market.

Since 1987, the first time in our country and around the world and producing computer-based ECG and Stress ECG systems with Tepa kardiosis model is well known across the country. Today, Master ars-Effort and USB models with 12-lead ECG system offers. Electronic design and assembly of mechanical products that offer the service of modern technology, medicine, international quality standards, with the original software is compatible with current operating systems.

For over ten years Swissray has been recognized as the industry’s true pioneer in the design, manufacture and marketing of proprietary state-of-the-art direct digital Radiography ddR technology. Delivering high quality radiographic images in just seconds, Swissray’s world-leading single detector technology dramatically improves overall productivity, and significantly lowers the cost of general radiography in comparison to conventional or computed radiography. 

Since 1981, VEPRO AG, the leading IT solution provider in the medical sector, has been known for its innovative, reliable and forward-looking IT solutions. 

Medical Illumination International is a medical lighting manufacturer for surgery, minor procedure, examination, oral surgery, magnifying lights and camera/video systems. 

Samtronic began with a partnership between a doctor, who was searching for a better Infusion device, a retired electrical engineer always interested in developing new projects and a metallurgic company, specialized in high precision products. After a major redesign of all products at the end of the 90’s, Samtronic expanded rapidly, taking steps to compensate for the lack of working space in its original installation. This meant the introduction of sub – contractors whose various stages of manufacture had to be rigorously controlled by quality department. 




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