Ltd. jeoorto of medical goods import and distribution company with many years experience. • the range of the line is about 150 kinds of products. • trauma orthopedic implants: intamedular rods, LC-DCP plates. LCP plates, as well as blocking cortical bolts appropriate instruments. • Disposable Medical sagnebi..nighabi, bakhila, sterile and non-sterile as a coat, hat, and other medical disposables. • stable and guaranteed supply of all kinds of medical inventory, and timely responses to customer and market needs, is a major factor in the company's stable development. Strategy is the only exclusive relationships with suppliers, bringing new and innovative products on the market, customer-orientation, introduction and sale. • At present, our company has a stable relationship with Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, China, Korea and other countries companies. • trust-based partnership, purposeful and development strategy to be correct, this is the reason that our company has become a major supplier of these products in a market. Jeoortos Ltd. has several advantages with respect to competitors: • many years of experience; • well-developed, flexible distribution network throughout the country; • honest reputation and stable provider status; The company was designed for employees and self-development. Today we can say with certainty that firmly holds and retains his place Ltd jeoorto of medical market. Pipansuri stable condition, close and solid relationship with suppliers and counterparties, a growing network of every month, the service level. Market are many similar medical products distribution company, but we are firmly convinced that our broad commodity groups asortimeni, guaranteed quality, guaranteed and your financial profit from the sale of our company has a lot of advantages. Our range is sufficient to purchase any of the products once, and you will become the future of this product, because we offer the best quality products.